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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  • A guide to 5 of our favourite home booster pumps

    Complete Pump Supplies have a comprehensive selection of home booster pumps. With us, you can buy a Grundfos home booster pump online along with many other products to meet the demands and wishes of your domestic or business needs. We understand that various factors such as property size, boost rate desirability, the number of people in the household, and the number of available bathrooms and toilets all cry out for specificity.

    So, we thought we’d list five favourites from across our catalogue to help you find what’s the most suitable for you.

    The Grundfos home booster pump (4.5 bar)

    One of the reasons we love the 4.5 bar Grundfos home booster pump so much is due to its versatility. This self-contained until will service most properties with one or two bathrooms, even if the house has a good number of occupants. The pump also has a no-nonsense installation scheme—just join it up to the required electoral and plumbing connections, and on a solid, level base and it’ll serve you well.

    Grundfos Pumps have proven quality for more than ten years, and we’re currently offering a great discount on this model.

    The Lowara Resfix Fixed Speed Domestic Booster Set

    This clever home booster set is one of our more cost-effective models and also one of the quietest. It’s a dream to service, with an easy to remove top section, meaning that—in the unlikely event something goes wrong—it’s quick, clean, and hassle free to remedy. The Lowara Resfix Fixed Speed Domestic Booster Set will be able to handle both your hot and cold water supplies no problem. Additional assist units of 180 litres of water storage are also available in case you need to up the ante.

    The DAB E.SYBOX Mini Booster Set

    This nifty DAB E.SYBOX Mini Booster Set is ideal for tackling the water pressure problems of a stand-alone house and requires no additional parts for installation. It’s also one of the most energy efficient and technological models in our catalogue— allowing it to track and monitor any fluctuations in water pressure demands and adjusting accordingly, all of which will serve to reduce your energy bills. It runs with a whisper, doesn't vibrate, and is so small it can be fitted under the kitchen sink. The only fault with this booster set is its less-than-catchy name.

    Click here to check out the rest of our catalogue from DAB Pumps Ltd.

    The Compact Portable Temporary Booster Set

    The clue is in the name with this one. The Compact Portable Temporary Booster Set is ideal if you need to establish a temporary water supply to any site, and is almost chiefly used to supply clean drinking water on demand. Despite being portable, the appeal from our other models is not lost on this one. The Compact Portable Temporary Booster Set is highly efficient, compact, and virtually silent in operation.

    Calpeda 1MXP 405-EMT-8 Easymat Single Pump Booster Set

    The Calpeda 1XMP 405-EMT-8 Easymat Single Pump Booster Set is ideal for small-scale home and commercial use and has a variable speed that can be operated with the accompanying Easymat Controller. In addition to the sleek, stainless-steel design this booster set features an LCD display, making it simple to operate.

    Need more convincing on the durability and reliability of our home booster sets? Then read our article: Why you should invest in a home booster set now.

  • Things to consider before designing a new bathroom

    No room is quite like the bathroom when it comes to design - there are a plethora of things to consider. For example, you might be asking yourself what home booster pump do I need and how do I ensure it stays warm even in the depths of winter? Get it wrong and the bathroom can be one of the most costly and unforgiving errs in judgement you make as a homeowner. Fortunately, we are here to help. Read on to avoid the pitfalls of vacuous bathroom design.

    Consider the implications of an overhaul

    Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom ranks as one of the most expensive endeavours you’ll undertake at home, so prepare yourself. What type of design do you want? More importantly, what design is feasible? Budget costs are an obvious factor here, but there may be other limitations. The vision you have may be incompatible with the circumstances. Measure your bathroom carefully and seek consultancy for an idea of the cost.

    Get the right home booster pump

    No matter how beautiful the finished product looks, a weak shower or limp water pressure will quickly render any cosmetic allure irrelevant. A home booster pump will increase the pressure where the incoming mains pressure lets you down (and so that new monsoon shower you install will live up to its name). Different pumps are available depending on the requirements of the user, with extra options if you have a particularly crowded household.

    For more information on the remedies and causes of low water pressure click here.


    It’s said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, as it happens it’s also a great way to seek inspiration. Take some time to look through the catalogues or relevant websites, spy what you like on TV. There are some great period bathrooms out there; another popular approach is to mimic the design of most contemporary hotels. Knowing exactly what you want in this way will really help you get to grips with the feasibility and planning costs.

    Bathtub or no bathtub?

    Many people choose to do-away with the bathtub and install a stand-in shower. In our experience, most people tend to regret this decision, even if they rarely get a bath. To prevent you from missing what you don’t have, we’d urge extreme caution on this matter.

    Consider your bathroom’s proximity to other areas of the house

    Where is the bathroom in your house, and how might the decisions you make affect the other parts of it? Poor ventilation can result in steam drifting into neighbouring rooms; likewise, an especially bright light or loud extractor can be enough to disturb the sleep of whoever happens to be next door. In these cases, it’s important to consider any unintended consequences that might not be so obvious beforehand and act accordingly.

    A fair warning before installing any of the fancy stuff

    Bathrooms are getting more technological. It’s not uncommon now for bathrooms to have heated towel-racks, flooring, speakers, even heated mirrors that resist condensing steam. Just remember that any electrical work of this kind needs to meet the requirements of the building regulations. This is particularly important if you’re doing the handiwork yourself as it could invalidate your home insurance.

    Still in need of more great devices to improve your home? Then check out our 4 Complete Pump Supplies products to buy in 2018 article.

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