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4 Complete Pump Supplies products to buy in 2018

The start of a new year is a time when lots of us are trying to get organised for the year ahead. For many, this might mean finally redecorating a room in the home that you’ve been meaning to, practising good habits, or taking care of issues in the home. Whether it’s low water pressure or a bothersome heating system, common issues many households face often come down to water systems. To help you decide what you’ll need to tackle these problems, we’ve put together a guide to some of our best products that you should consider buying in 2018.

A Home Booster Set


You might have heard of a home booster set before, but just what exactly are they for? Home Booster Sets are for boosting water pressure in the home, improving taps, showers and any water mains. Especially useful product for those with a troublesome ‘trickling’ shower, shower boosting pumps work to increase pressure and give you the morning shower you’ve been missing! Here at Complete Pump Supplies we offer a fantastic selection of home booster sets to choose from, such as the Grundfos 3.0 Bar Home Booster Set that’s perfect for domestic properties with one or two standard bathrooms.


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A Heating & Hot Water Circulating Pump


If you’ve been having some trouble with your heating and hot water systems, a circulating pump could be the perfect product to invest in for the new year. Circulating pumps are a key element of your heating system, and work to regulate the hot water and heating services you have in place. Heating and hot water circulating pumps can even help improve energy efficiency, with models such as the DAB Evoplus B Small 110/220.32M Circulating Pump offering reduced running costs.


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A Pressurisation Unit


Pressurisation units are needed to designed to replace any water that’s been lost through leakage, maintaining the systems fill pressure in chilled water and sealed heating systems. The choice of pressurisation units at Complete Pump Supplies eliminate the need for a cold water system in the roof, coming as sturdy one or two point models that can either be floor standing or wall mounted depending on your preference. A great model to choose is the Calpeda Unimat Alpha Single Pump 240V Pressurisation Unit, with an 18 litre storage tank, powerful bronze peripheral impeller pump and many more fantastic features.


An Automatic Air Vent


Automatic air vents are used in heating systems to ensure the fast and effective removal of air to allow systems to work well, without the need for maintenance. When there’s too much excess air in a heating system, problems can occur such as bothersome noises or a loss of heat. A good quality automatic air vent like the Spirotech Spirotop 1/2” 110°C 10 Bar Standard Automatic Air Vent from Complete Pump Supplies is your best bet to avoid this happening, offering a solution that’s great for draining and filling systems or ensuring the highest point in systems stays air free.  


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