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4 plumbing tips that every homeowner needs to know

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, or you’re finally getting to grips with a bit of home maintenance in your current house, it’s always important to have a bit of know-how. Whether it’s owning an insulated tank or knowing how to turn off your water valve, there are some essentials that you should know about. Luckily, here at Complete Pump Supplies we’ve put together four handy plumbing tips to keep you in the loop when it comes to your home.  

Get a water booster set


Home booster sets are a great investment for the home, especially if you have issues with low water flow. Booster pumps such as the Grundfos home booster sets available at Complete Pump Supplies can be easily installed into most domestic properties and ensure optimum water pressure at all times, even when water is in high demand. This means no more slow insufficient morning showers or waiting ages for your sink to fill.  

Locate your water mains


Every homeowner needs to know where to find their water mains so that you know what steps to take if there are any issues. If you ever need to turn your water off, you’ll need to find the internal stop tap. This can usually be found under the kitchen sink, in a kitchen cupboard or under the stairs, but could be in many different places, so it’s worth having a look around to be sure.  

Make sure you’re sticking to WRAS regulations


Every water system that’s installed into a home or workplace needs to comply with WRAS water regulations, ensuring quality is kept to the best possible standard. Shopping with Complete Pump Supplies gives you peace of mind that you’re complying to these regulations, by choosing items such as an insulated tank that’s fully WRAS approved, and ensures quality, non-contaminated water for your household.  

How to prevent a clogged sink


The last thing you need is a clogged up sink in your home, and luckily there are things you can do to prevent this happening. Keep drains clear of things like hair, grease and other particles that are likely to cause a clog if built up too much. Installing strainers onto all of your plug holes is a really easy way to prevent clogs as it gathers these type of particles before they get a chance to reach your drain.  

Follow these tips and you’re more likely to avoid the little plumbing nightmares that can arise in every home! For more information on the right pump or insulated tank that can benefit the plumbing system in your home, shop the full range of products available at Complete Pump Supplies now.

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