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4 ways to increase the value of your home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll know that the current state that your property is in plays a big part in its value. Aside from location, there are plenty of things that can be done to your home to boost value and attract potential buyers. So whether it's installing a home booster set or keeping decor to a minimum, take a look at these four things you can do to ensure your house makes the best possible impression. 

Tidy up the exterior

First impressions matter, and since the first thing potential buyers will see is the exterior of your home, you’re going to want to focus on making it look as good as possible. Repair any cracked render, re-paint coloured bricks, and consider fitting a new door and windows if needed to increase the likelihood of getting more viewings. Making your garden look as presentable as possible is another great way to draw people’s attention, and there are lots of simple ways to do this

Create a blank canvas

When people are considering buying a new property, less is definitely more. If your home is decorated too busy or OTT, it can put potential buyers off as it can be harder for them to visualise their own furniture in the home. Modern decor with neutral colours like white and grey works well, along with wooden floors or neutral carpets — nobody wants the task of ripping up your old carpets circa 1981! 

Stay on top of maintenance

From the odd crack in your wall to the state of your plumbing, there are lots of repairs and maintenance that needs to be done to ensure your home is in the best condition before sale. Issues like faulty water pressure are things that can put people off buying a home as they know it may cost them in the long run. Installing a home booster set for better water pressure is a good way to banish this kind of issue, and will impress potential buyers and put their mind at rest. 

Create extra space

Spacious properties are always popular, but not everyone’s lucky enough to have this quality in their home. Increase your properties value by creating extra space/rooms. This can be done by adding a conservatory, a loft or cellar conversion, or knocking down walls to merge your kitchen and dining room for a spacious appearance. 


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