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40% Off Hot Water Pumps... But Which Brand?

DAB Evoplus B Small SAN Hot Water Circulating Pumps

A boiler has many similarities with the human body - it produces heat, it needs water and ‘feeding’ with gas or electricity, it sometimes goes wrong and it has a circulatory system. Just like with the body, this circulatory system is essential and CPS offer a wide range of heating and hot water pumps for you to choose from, from top brands such as Grundfos, Smedegaard and Lowara. We also supply circulatory pumps from another market-leading company, which are currently available with a massive 40% discount…

DAB are highly-reputed suppliers of many products, from pressurisation units and booster sets to a full complement of pumps including submersible, multi-stage and circulatory. The selection of DAB products immediately available from CPS numbers well over 100 and it is the circulatory pumps from this exclusive company that are now boasting the big price discount.

Among the range, the DAB Evoplus B Small SAN Hot Water Circulating Pumps are the most popular, thanks to their quality and versatility. They too can now be obtained from CPS with that attractive 40% price discount and features include:

  • Compatibility with open- or closed-circuit pressurised type systems

  • A pure bronze body with a motor casing formed from touch, die-cast aluminium

  • High-spec technopolymer impeller

  • Motor shaft formed from steel and mounted on strong ceramic bushings which are self-lubricated via the pumped liquid

  • A stainless steel closing flange and rotor sleeve

  • Stator sleeve formed from carbon-fibre composite

  • Thrust ring made from strong ceramic and sealing rings from ethylene propylene

  • A synchronous motor with permanent, integral magnet rotor

  • Big operating range (from 2 to 12 m3/h) with head of up to 11m

  • Guarantees that pumped liquid of between -10 °C to 110 °C will be clean, free of mineral oils and solids, chemically neutral and with no viscosity, at a reliable and consistent pressure of up to 1,600 kPA (16 bar)

You should make sure that YOUR hot water and heating system’s health is taken just as seriously as your own - helping you avoid those costly callouts! With CPS, you are guaranteed products from the very best manufacturers and, thanks to our considerable buying power, will benefit from some of the lowest prices to be found on the market today. Add in our promotional discounts and you're looking at some serious savings.

Find out more about DAB and other circulatory hot water and heating system pumps and call us today for expert advice on installation and more.

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