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5 Steps To A Cheaper Water Bill

Nobody likes bills, and nobody wants to be paying more than they need to. If you’re unhappy with the amount you’re paying for water each month, it’s definitely worth looking into some ways to cut the costs on water use in the home. From installing a home booster water pump for a more efficient shower to being more mindful of your kitchen habits, take a look at these five tips.

Take quicker showers


Long showers are great, especially when warming up on a cold Winter’s day, but if you’re serious about cutting down the water bills it’s time to think about limiting your shower time as well. If you have a shower that’s particularly unpredictable in terms of heat or water pressure, you might be wasting more water than necessary by adjusting the shower settings until you get it ‘just right’. Installing a home booster water pump set from our range of booster pumps at Complete Pump Supplies will improve your water pressure, meaning you’ll waste no time waiting for a great shower.

Fix leaky faucets and pipes


Leaky faucets and pipes can be lurking in your home, wreaking havoc on your water waste levels. Make sure you check all of your taps, and check any pipes regularly in case of leaks. Of course, prevention is always better than cure, so take a look at our blog post on how to prevent pipes from leaking in the home.

Get a water meter


When done right, getting a water meter in the home is a great way to save money on your water bill. Water meters measure how much water you’re using and charge you based only on what you’ve actually used. This means that if you stick to some strict water saving habits, you’re going to paying a lot less than you normally would.

Be tactical with your drinks


If you like your drinking water nice and cold, consider filling a jug of water each day and keeping it in the fridge. This will stop you from having to leave the tap running long enough for the water to run cold, and could even have added health benefits by encouraging you to drink more water! When making tea and coffee, avoid filling your kettle with more water than needed which will not only save on water use but also electricity.

Cut down your wash loads


Gathering a large load of clothing and items in your wash basket is a good step to take in reducing water use and lowering your overall water bill. Instead of sticking the odd item in your washing machine as and when you like, wait until you have enough items to fill the machine each time you do your washing.

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