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A guide to four of our home booster sets

Here at Complete Pump Supplies, we recognise the different needs that our customers have when it comes to their home. Whether you want a more advanced specialist system for your home, or you’re after something more low key, we have a booster set for every need. Take a look at this guide to find out more about four of our most popular home booster sets.  

Grundfos 3.0 Bar Home Booster Set


This home booster set from popular brand Grundfos is an ideal choice for many domestic properties. This set is designed to be used in domestic and light commercial premises, and is useful for boosting pressure insufficient water pressure in the home. This makes the Grundfos 3.0 bar home booster set perfect for homes with one or two standard bathrooms that have standard fittings, ensuring water pressure is high at all times.  

Lowara Mini Fix Cat 5 Booster Set    

Compact and quiet, this model by Lowara is another great booster set for those looking to solve the issue of low water pressure. The Lowara mini fix booster set is your go-to booster if you need increased water pressure outdoors for garden irrigation or car washing. This model is also extremely easy to install, and can be easily drained when needed.  

Domopac Rectangular 270 Fixed Speed


The rectangular 270 fixed speed booster set from Domopac is specially designed for apartments or houses with low, fluctuating water pressure. The electronically controlled flow switch unit installed into this booster set causes the pump to automatically stop and start whenever a tap is opened and closed. Properties with the issues of height restriction and access will also benefit from this model and the compact rectangular shape.  

DAB E.SYBOX Mini Booster Set


If you’re looking for a low cost and efficient booster set for your home, look no further than this mini booster set by DAB. With quiet running, easy installation and brilliant performance, this model boasts the proud title of the most advanced and compact booster system in the world. This booster set is great for homes and environments that have water pressure issues but are concerned about cost and versatility.

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