A Guide to our Selection of Pressurisation Units

Both commercial and domestic spaces can benefit from the installation of a pressurisation unit. Their ability to maintain water pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems can provide huge savings to the consumer – along with benefitting the environment.

These systems must be fitted with an interlock circuit, meaning that the boiler is cut out if any fault with the pressurisation unit arises. Any incorrect calibration of the settings in the unit alongside pre-charging of the expansion vessels will result in the system malfunctioning. In this post we look at the pressurisation units available at Complete Pump Supplies suitable for various applications.

Calpeda Pressurisation Units

From Calpeda we offer the Calpeda Unimat Alpha Single Pump 240V Pressurisation Unit with 40% off. This unit is of a simpler design, with designed for use on closed circuit heating and cooling systems. It features an 18 litre tank with a type AB Airgap and 1/2” ball/float valve, alongside a bronze peripheral impeller pump capable of a high rate of flow. It is 540w x 500d x 430h and weighs 15kg.

DAB Pressurisation Units

A range of DAB E.Sypress floor standing/wall mounted pressurisation units are available at Complete Pump Supplies, all with 39% off. These pressurisation units are ideal for commercial and light industrial uses. Providing an all-encompassing system, including a mains water break tank, booster pumps and controls, the user can access the complete package, with the ability to monitor performance through the LCD display. The manufacturer have also produced a ‘compact’ model, for those extremely limited on space.

Flamco Pressurisation Units

Our range of Flamco products includes their wall mounted, floor standing and PressDS Plus 3in1 pressurisation units, all with savings of up to 40% off. With options of either single or twin pumps in their wall mounted and floor standing products, these units can be used for a variety of requirements all within sealed heating and cooling systems. Their PressDS Plus model is a totally enclosed combined digital pressurisation unit with a vacuum degasser and additive tank all in a compact design.

Lowara Pressurisation Units

Our selection of Lowara pressurisation units include their Mini Prefix, Prefix Beta and Prefix Beta Dual Systems, with some models with huge reductions of up to 45% off. Of their Mini Prefix and Prefix Beta designs, two choices are available of sizes in either single or twin pumps. All of Lowara’s designs have been created replace water that has been lost through system leakage and to maintain the system design fill pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems. With their Prefix Beta Dual Systems, this brings together two individual in systems in one single unit, with two display screens allowing the user control of each – so long as the two systems operate at the same fill pressure.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team. You can find our full range of pressurisation units here.