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A Short Guide To E.sybox

If you are one of the many homeowners having to deal with low water pressure, and feel it’s time you did something about it, there’s a new solution that could help.

Before we get into that, it’s important to understand why you might be experiencing issues with your water pressure.

Water pressure can be affected by a range of issues, such as:

•  Corrosion in the pipes you are using

•  Leaks you may have on your supply pipe

•  The size of the pipes you are using, amongst other things.

These factors can reduce your water flow to a mere trickle; meaning it takes hours for a cistern (or even a glass of water) to fill. You may even find that your modern shower doesn’t work below a certain pressure – which means it’s crucial the problem is addressed.

Well, the new DAB e.sybox can help to solve the problem of low water pressure, boosting water pressure to all taps within a building/home. Not only will it increase pressure to taps, but it can adapt to an ever-changing demands of the system; meaning you won’t have to worry about faltering water pressure levels again.

What are the main features of the e.sybox?

The e.sybox boasts a range of impressive features, here’s a brief summary:

•  The DAB e.sybox is arguably the quietest booster pump available on the market today. With its water-cooled motor and sound-dampening casing, the pump operates at around 45dB.

•  The variable speed motor operates between 0.3KW to 1.5KW, making this pump very energy efficient.

•  With up to 2 litres per second and head pressure of up to 6 bars, the e.sybox boasts powerful performance.

•  The e.sybox is fitted with dry running protection, frost protection and anti-cycle protection; reassuring you that your pump will operate in the toughest of conditions.

•  The pump can be installed horizontally or vertically, meaning it can be installed out of the way.

•  The inlet and outlet pipework can be housed in variable positions to ensure your installation fits into the smallest of spaces.

Buying and installing the e.sybox.

There is a growing network of approved DAB e.sybox distributors and partners – all of which are hand-picked and trained to provide you with all the support you require.

If you choose to install the e.sybox booster pump yourself, there are a range of useful video tutorials on the e.sybox website.

For horizontal installations, please view this video:

For vertical installations, please view this video:

There are a range of accessories you can purchase for your e.sybox to help make your install even neater.

The e.sywall is a simple wall fitting kit that allows you to mount your e.sybox booster pump directly to a wall in your house.

The e.sydock is a docking station with integrated in and out pipework connections. You can easily dock your e.sybox pump to this mount, with undocking just as easy. This means you maintain flexibility as to where you house your booster pump.

The e.sytwin incorporates a twin pump docking station with built-in pipework connections. Similarly to the e.sydock, the e.sytwin allows you to securely mount your booster pumps to a base platform. This accessory allows larger houses (or small businesses, for example) to operate one or more e.sybox booster pump on their premises.

The e.sytank operates as a modular water storage tank and pump system – sitting on an integrated e.sydock station. The e.sytank allows you to easily increase your water storage capacity as well as create a twin pump duty assist/duty pump standby system. The e.sytank is ideal for larger homes or small commercial properties.

 All E.sybox equipment and accessories can be bought here on Complete Pump Supplies.

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