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It’s the little things in life. Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves. The devil’s in the details. All of these old sayings point to one central theme that is as relevant today as it always was - focusing too much on the big picture and forgetting what seems trivial by comparison can lead to disaster! So, as well as our signature range of water booster sets, expansion vessels, pressurisation units and thermostatic mixing valves, we also stock a wide selection of those small but vital accessories designed to make sure everything runs smoothly and your water acts like it oughta!

We have listed all of our accessories together in one section for your convenience, meaning you can immediately locate what you’re looking for. There are often special price discounts on these products so make sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss out - our newsletter subscribers are the first to hear about these promotions so check out how to sign up after you discover some of the products in the dedicated ‘Accessories’ section of our comprehensive, modern and responsive website.

Mounting Bracket

Designed for use exclusively with Reflex and Flamco heating vessels of between 8-25l capacity, this tough component will let you install with confidence. Firmly supporting the vessel, the bracket will offer years of maintenance-free service and is currently available with a massive 35% discount from Complete Pump Supplies.

Tied EDPM Bellows

EDPM, also referred to as nitrile rubber, displays exceptional noise/­vibration-reducing charac­te­ristics. These bellows provide an ideal solution to noisy systems and can also compensate for both lateral and axial movements, solving several problems at once for an extremely competitive price and a simple installation process.

Stainless Steel Flexible Pump Connectors

It is difficult to imagine a world without stainless steel - the metal has so many qualities that it has found a niche in almost every area of our lives from medicine to catering and from transport to communication. Malleable yet tough, attractive yet robust, easily-cleaned yet remarkably resistant to corrosion - these and many more qualities make the metal ideal for these screwed half-barrel stainless steel pump connectors.

There are lots more products to be discovered in the ‘Accessories section' of our website so to go directly there and don't forget to keep your bargain-hunting eye out for surprise discounts brought to you exclusively by Complete Pump Supplies - for water that works.

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