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Basic swimming pool maintenance tips this Summer

Summer is finally here, which means outdoor pools are at their most popular season. Whether you own a hotel, spa or you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your own home, there are things you need to stay on top of in regards to pool maintenance. Here at Complete Pump Supplies, we’ve put together a handy guide with some basic swimming pool maintenance tips to be aware of this Summer.  

Vacuum the pool

It’s important to vacuum your pool every week. This is so that the pool remains as clean as possible while also reducing the amount of chemicals that need to be added to it.  

Brush the tiles

While vacuuming the pool, spend some time brushing the tiles to minimise any algae buildups. The type of brush you use to clean with depends on the type of material the pool is made from. For plaster lined concrete pools, for example, use a stiff brush, and for tiles use a soft brush that will prevent any scratching.  

Check your pump supplies

As with any water system, you need to make sure your pump supplies are in good working condition. We stock a selection of Calpeda and DAB swimming pool pumps for you to choose from, in various sizes, for the purpose of recirculating and filtering water that’s integrated into the pool’s filtration system.  

Clean the filter

It goes without saying that you’ll need to keep the filter of the pool clean as part of any maintenance routine. How often you clean the filter, however, is another story, as cleaning it more than needed can actually hinder the filtration process. A mild amount of dirt in the filter is good as it helps trap other particles, removing debris from the water. Therefore, a clean filter can hinder the filtration process. A good indicator that it’s time to clean the pool filter is when there’s an increase in flow between the flow meter and pressure gauge.  

Remove debris

Every few days, make sure to skim the pool’s surface for floating debris such as leaves, bugs and any other unwanted items so that you can get rid of them before they get a chance to sink. Doing so helps make the circulation system of the pool much more effective and prevents too much build up in the water.  

Monitor PH level

Lastly, you’re going to need to monitor the pool’s PH level to ensure that the water people are swimming in is sufficiently clean. Using a testing kit, look for a scale of around 7.2 and 7.8 as this is deemed the healthiest pH level.   

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