Bathroom Improvements you can Make this Spring

Spring is a great time of year to get some DIY done at home. A few bank holidays over April and May can give you the opportunity to be productive with some domestic updates. In this post, we look at some improvements you can make to rejuvenate the look and functionality of your bathroom, in preparation for the summer months.

All About Accessories

An easy way of updating the look of your bathroom is to replace your accessories. If your bathroom is a shade of white, grey or black, you pretty much have free range of any colours to choose from, if not, identify a new colour which compliments the look of your bathroom and accessorise accordingly. The accessories may not necessarily have to match, if you can, select a tertiary colour that fits with the scheme. Think new towels, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and storage to add a refreshing new appearance for your bathroom.

Invest in Luxurious Products

Following on from the above point, treating yourself to some more luxurious products with beautifully designed packaging which can double up as features, can be a great way of upgrading your bathroom. You may not wish to use the toiletries all the time, just for special occasions, to preserve them as a decoration for longer.

Boost that Flow

If you have been settling for a mediocre shower for just about long enough, investing in a Grundfos home booster will improve the flow of your water, giving you an overall warmer and more satisfying stream. Although this won’t give you any cosmetic value, you will certainly appreciate the effect this will have, especially when Autumn and Winter arrive!

Paint your Bathroom Features

A creative way to renovate your bathroom is to look into using chalk paints. These can be used to completely change the look of your furniture or even features like your bath or sink. Not only would this provide a fantastic finish, it would also be fun to do too. Products like aluminium, copper and gold leaf are also available to create a standout look to compliment your choice of colour. You can use stencils with these paints and effects to add an individual touch to your new designs.

Refresh your Walls or Floors

While you have a little more time over the bank holiday, get the wall paint out and touch up any marks, scrapes or scratches. This will make more of a difference than you would think, giving your walls a clean finish once more. Could your floors also do with a transformation? Fitting laminate or lino can be a job done at home if your feeling confident enough. If not, why not opt for a new bathmat or rug to add texture to the space?