Benefits of a Grundfos Booster Set

There are plenty of manufacturers who create booster sets for both domestic and commercial use but we want to focus on the benefits of a Grundfos Booster Set and how they can benefit a domestic property.

Along with discussing the benefits it’s good to know some background information on a Grundfos Booster Set so you know exactly what it is, what it does and whether it is something worthwhile purchasing and installing in your home.

What is a Grundfos Booster Set?

A Grundfos booster set, also known as a home booster set is designed for domestic properties and is installed when the current mains water supply isn’t sufficient enough to meet the demands of the property.

Whether it be hot or cold water, the Grundfos booster set would be a great asset to your home, you could say goodbye to the low water flow and pressure and enjoy your reliable new system allowing you to run a quick bath, have a hot shower and even get the dishes washed in no time!

With this booster set you are guaranteeing yourself high efficiency. The stainless steel pump delivers sustained performance, quiet operation and a long working life.

Installation of the Grundfos booster set is straightforward, it will require connection to a mains cold water supply, overflow pipe, discharge pipe and an electrical connection. If you aren’t confident enough in installing the pump yourself don’t worry, our specialist team are here to help and can give you all the help, guidance and advice you need for your home booster set.

Who/What is the booster set suitable for?

Our Grundfos booster set is suitable for most domestic properties with one or two bathrooms with standard fittings. For a property with more occupants in the more benefit you will get from installing a home booster set.

The great thing about this type of pump is that it is compatible with additional components so if you have a bigger family who are using a lot of water there are options available for adding a further water storage slave tank to increase water storage capacity.

Grundfos Booster Set Benefits           

Along with the easy installation, quiet operation and increased water pressure there are more benefits to opting for a home booster set.

-Cost effective

-Compact solution

-High quality stainless steel pump

-Increased water flow

-Meeting high water demands

For further information, benefits and advice on a Grundfos booster set contact our expert team today at Complete Pump Supplies, we’ll be able to provide you with everything you need to know along with making sure you get the booster set and components that are right for you and your domestic properties needs.