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Boost it Up - Power the Shower!

You’ve just stepped into a nice, warm and relaxing shower after work. All is blissful until another member of your household flushes the toilet or turns a tap on in the kitchen and the shower is reduced to a trickle, sending you skittering out of the cubicle or bath, cursing and grabbing for a comforting towel. Sound familiar?

The problem is caused by poor water pressure and, as the whole water system in a property is linked, extra demand on the system can have unwanted effects like the common one described above. Being able to use any part of the system (such as sink taps, showers and toilets) simultaneously without any reduction in pressure is clearly desirable and achieving this is simple with the MainsBoost Water Performance System, which dramatically enhances and improves the performance of unvented cylinders and combination boilers.

The myriad features and benefits of the MainsBoost Water Performance System allow:

  • Powerful shower performance with no energy-draining electric pump

  • Multiple taps to be open at the same time without causing any reduction in flow rate or maintenance of pressure to any outlet

  • Properties with appreciable water pressure (exceeding 2bar) yet a low flow rate to stabilise water pressure throughout the building

  • A large volume of water (between 55 and 248 litres) to be safely, efficiently and hygienically stored with the use of innovative, patented accumulator technology

  • Mains water supplies to be boosted with a constant water flow rate to the combi boiler or unvented cylinder - friendlier to the environment

  • Versatility with the ability to use as a single system or linked together with other systems to meet the demand of any sized property.

Don’t suffer with low water pressure - the MainsBoost Water Performance System can help and all sizes are currently available from Complete Pump Supplies with a massive discount of 30%. You can also check out the ‘Clearance’ section for even more bargains.

The MainsBoost Water Performance System forms part of our professional collection of expansion vessels, pressurisation units, booster pumps and domestic water pumps. If you need technical assistance then please contact the expert Complete Pump Supplies team by phone or email.

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