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Brand New Products #1 — Potable Water Expansion Vessels

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Still another 7 weeks to go until Christmas but, with the amount of new stock arriving at CPS at the moment, it seems to have come early! Yes, although there is no sign of Santa, there are lots of brand new surprises in our warehouse and you can share them too, seeing as it’s (almost) Christmas! These products augment and enhance our already-vast selection of products, which allows you to always find exactly what you’re looking for. And, just in case you can't, we employ an expert sourcing team who will find it for you. Everyone’s a winner!

So, what are the new products that have been added to the CPS collection? Let’s open the first exciting box…!

Reflex Flow Through Potable Water Expansion Vessels

Saving money is always a concern for most of us and this series of potable vessels, designed for domestic use, is a fantastic way to do just that. The units require a T-piece which is supplied along with it for your convenience and the Flowjet flow-through valve can be optionally added for even better performance.

  • Stainless steel connection to comply with the rigorous demands of the DIN 1988 hygiene standard
  • Also meets the exacting requirements of PED 97/23/EC Directive and BS EN 13831:2007 ‘Closed expansion vessels with built in bladder for installation in water’.
  • Carbon steel construction with a maximum of three welds
  • Anti-corrosive coating to the internal surfaces and durable green powder-coated external finish
  • Features a pre-pressurised air chamber along with a compound bladder formed from high-strength rubber compound
  • Works perfectly at temperatures up to a huge 70˚C and pressures up to 10 bar
  • Negligible gas-permeability and strong resistance to propylene glycol mixtures and/or ethylene
  • Easily wall-mounted using integral bracket
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