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Brand New Products #2 — Ebara Suction Pumps

They say that nothing sucks like a certain well-known brand of vacuum cleaner but that’s because ‘they’ haven’t discovered Ebara Close Coupled End Suction Pumps. If you haven’t discovered these professional-quality items either, then stop being part of ‘them’ and come and be with us! We are proud to now supply Ebara Suction Pumps in a full range of power levels from 7.5kW - 18.5W; discover them today with Complete Pump Supplies.

Ebara 3D/M Close Coupled End Suction Pumps

Ebara can trace its history back more than 100 years to 1912, when the foundations were laid by Issey Hatakeyama (born in 1881). Known at that time as the Inotuky Type Machinery Office, the company was founded in order to create and popularise products based on theories propounded by Dr Ariya Inokuty, then the Professor of Tokyo Imperial University.

In 1905, Dr Inotuky published  "The Theory of Volute Pumps", an article which discussed in detail the mechanisms used in centrifugal pumps. This was received with applause all around the scientific world and became known as "the standard for theory on this kind of pump". It so influenced Issey Hatakeyama that it prompted him to start manufacturing products based on the volute pump theories contained in the revolutionary article and set up the company that became Ebara.

Today, Ebara invest heavily in research and development, allowing them to maintain an extremely high status in the industry. One of the results of this investment is the 3D/M family of close coupled end suction pumps, which is bursting with features designed to give flawless performance with little maintenance, a winning combination by any measure. Some of these features include:

  • Cast iron construction for toughness and stress resistance where it is needed the most

  • Three phase operation

  • Total inter­chan­ge­ability with the popular 3 Series of stainless steel pumps, giving the ultimate flexibility when replacing older versions of the system

  • Impellers formed from stainless steel and driven by a highly-efficient motor of the required power for your application

Select your required level of motor power. If you aren’t sure of what this is, then contact our dedicated technical team who will expertly guide you through the available options.

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