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Cold Water Tanks now with 35% Discount from CPS!

Cold water storage tanks must ensure that the liquid within remains free from contaminants which could affect the health of people or animals using it to drink or wash. We proudly supply a comprehensive range of these water storage tanks which offer a host of benefits to the user. For a limited time, you can now enjoy a substantial 35% price discount across our complete range of prefabricated GRP water storage tanks!

  • GRP stands for Glass-Reinforced Plastic and is a material with exceptional strength that is created using a unique process of filament-winding. Unlike standard carbon fibre, often used to manufacture cold water storage tanks, the material is not brittle and offers improved durability and a reduction in maintenance requirements, even outperforming many metals

  • An isophthalic layer coats all of the internal surfaces of these GRP storage tanks, creating a barrier that, of clinical smoothness, prevents any microbiological organisms from growing

  • GRP laminate delivers superior reinforcement while preventing osmotic blistering and, like all its other components, is produced to the very highest standards

One-Piece Cold Water Tanks - Uninsulated or Insulated

All materials used in the fabrication of uninsulated tanks are approved by WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and the insulated tanks carry full WRAS approval. Our simplest tanks can be supplied with a storage capacity of 90-9,000 litres.

Two-Piece Insulated Cold Water Tanks

Comprising an upper and lower section, these are single Water storage tanks connected with a robust horizontal joint flange to make transportation, lifting and installation easier. Fixings, sealant and other crucial components are supplied with the strong, lightweight GRP tank to ensure that installation is a matter of fast, reliable simplicity.

Bespoke Cold Water Tanks

Whatever the unique requirements of your space, we are able to reliably and professionally manufacture cold water storage tanks to any dimension. Wide, narrow, tall and short - we have created potable vessels of all these shapes and more! Due to the many different options available, we regret that we are not able to include bespoke cold water storage tanks in our 35% discount promotion.

Store your water the safe, efficient way - choose from our select range of GRP water storage tanks.

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