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Common Causes of Water Disruption in the UK

A disruption in the water service we receive can cause a huge disruption in our daily lives, even when it is just for a couple of hours.

The average person uses upwards of 149 litres of water every day, from using the washing machine to flushing the toilet and everything in between, so losing this service is a huge inconvenience.

By understanding some of the most common causes of water disruption, we can help prevent these occurrences where possible and plan for their eventualities.

Burst Water Mains

Water Mains are the stations wherein rainwater is collected during wetter months and stored until it is needed.

They are designed to ensure that all the properties they serve have access to water 365 days a year. However, many of these stations are quite old, and can burst when not properly maintained.

Recently an ageing water mains burst in Bristol, flooding local areas and ceasing water services to local areas.

Although, as citizens, we cannot control the functioning of a water mains station, it may be prudent to research the station servicing our area.

If the station is ageing, using a personal rainwater collection system may be an ideal back up.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a problem faced by many UK citizens in the colder months.

As the temperature plunges below freezing, the water in pipes can harden and turn to solid ice.

This can restrict water flow to the home until the pipe water defrosts – which could take hours and be incredibly inconvenient.

More seriously, the expansion of water as it freezes can lead to pipes bursting, permanently restricting your water service.

Safeguard against the possibility of frozen pipes with the application of pipe insulation. This wraps around the pipe, ensuring the water within does not freeze.

Pumping Station Fault

Last month (July 2014) 1,000 properties in Reading suffered water loss due to a fault in a local pumping station. Although the water was present (and so it should be after the rainfall the country suffered prior to the incident), the pumping station fault meant it could not be circulated amongst the properties it was designed to serve.

This was the second time the station had suffered from pumping faults in a fortnight. Like with burst water mains, it may be prudent to devise a personal Plan B if you live in an area with an unreliable pumping station.

Low, Low Pressure

Water service relies heavily on the forces of gravity to move the water from the station to the properties it is serving. This is why many water storage facilities are built high above sea level, so gravity can take effect and help transport water to commercial and domestic buildings. Ergo, other properties built at high altitudes may suffer from low water pressure. Rather than dismantle your home and move it to lower ground, a home booster set can help radically improve the water pressure in your property.

Local Works

When works are being carried out on local pipes, the water will need to be turned off, causing disruptions to your service. Often these repairs and maintenance are entirely necessary and you will be pre-warned about them. Sadly, there is little you can do to prevent these works except take the workers a few brews to keep them cheery and working at pace.

If you’re having trouble with your water service or water pressure, call the Complete Pump Supplies experts on 0808 168 6767 and we’ll see how we can help you.

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