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Complete Pump Supplies - Special Offers!

Here you will find a constantly-changing array of quality products with attractive price discounts, making the Complete Pump Supplies service even more cost-effective than usual.

The products currently available with up to a 54% discount in price are:

The DAB Evosta Domestic Circulating Pump - 30% Discount

Offers a complete, upgraded replacement to all standard/­electronic pumps with head pumps of 4m, 5m and 6m. The Evosta is extremely efficient at circulating hot water fully around domestic heating systems and works literally at the touch of a single button, giving optimal performance at temperatures from 2 °C to 95 °C and operating at a pressure of 10 bar.

The Calpeda 1-phase Peripheral Pump - 30% Discount

Constructed with powerful turbine impeller and pump-side wall, this patented regenerative pump is available with a choice of painted cast iron or bronze single-piece pump casings. The Calpeda 1-phase increases network pressure (local specifications must be strictly adhered to) and is designed to work with clean liquid, a reason it is often chosen for air-conditioning and circulation equipment.

The DAB E.SYTANK Potable Vessel - 20% Discount

A storage tank offering simple integration with the complementary E.SYBOX electronic water booster system, this product is half of the perfect booster pumps and break tank package. The tank, which has a flexible modular design to increase water storage capacity, can be used to boost potable mains water pressure in applications from residential to light commercial.

The Grundfos Home Booster Set - 54% Discount

This cold water booster set is one of our most popular products and so we are able to bring it to you at less than half price for a limited time. A single-pump system with a massive 200L capacity, this popular item is easily-installed, with just electrical, discharge pipework and mains cold water connections to be completed. Two or more units can be operated in flawless harmony with one another to improve capacity and provide access to a standby pump.

All of these products are eligible for free delivery from Complete Pump Supplies.

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