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Convenient & Cost-Effective — Packaged Booster Sets

When you want convenience, which of course you always do, the best way to get products you need is in a kit or package. Forget shopping around for all the different components you need, getting it all together in one box is the best way to go about things and, when it comes to boosting water flow rates in YOUR property, packaged booster sets are no exception.

CPS Packaged Booster Set

  • These time and space saving products come complete with a break tank and are suited for boosting cold water in all domestic, industrial and commercial applications

  • They use type A/B air gaps and there are energy-saving models available featuring variable speed technology

  • Break tanks can be supplied both above and to the side of the pump, helping with problems of limited space or abnormally shaped rooms

  • We can quickly and accurately size required flow rates by calculating the property’s loading units - calculating head pressure will also inform us of the correct duty point for the booster sets

  • Three models are available - click HERE for more details

DAB Packaged Booster Set

  • These sets are equipped with the unique Active Driver and are designed to easily meet constant pressure requirements such as those imposed by the technology of modern water distribution systems

  • Constant and accurate pressure control is used in many sectors, making these packaged booster sets extremely versatile and invaluable

  • Technical engineers at DAB were guided by the basic principles of ‘flexibility, reliability and simplicity’

  • A huge range of models is available, with capacities from 500l to a massive 3000l, suited for industrial applications

  • You can currently take advantage of our amazing special offer on all DAB packaged booster sets - a 30% discount means that you could save over £4k!

Packaged booster sets are a speciality at Complete Pump Supplies and we can quickly and proficiently advise you on selecting exactly the right model that is most suited to your intended application. Browse our options starting here and give us a call or email if you need any further advice, information or support.

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