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Grundfos expansion vessels

As they are isolated from the pressure that is naturally in the atmosphere, a closed water system is designed to maintain an internal process as it carries out its function. The temperature changes involved with heating and cooling water alter this internal pressure and can cause damage to the system if an expansion vessel is not installed.

Changes in both temperature and pressure alter the flow of water and can even stop it entirely. These alterations are referred to as water hammers and have been shown to negatively impact upon the delicate components of the system, leading to damage and reduced function over time. An expansion vessel is designed to prevent the problem with the simple use of air to cushion the system from impacts caused by water hammers.

The air within an expansion vessel absorbs pressure extremely effectively and delivers continued protection was the quick and easy installation process is professionally carried out. The technology is ubiquitous, found everywhere from these closed water systems to car engines and industry machinery.

As with every product in our vast and diverse portfolio, only expansion vessels from trusted, highly-reputed manufacturers are deemed worthy of inclusion at CPS. Reflex, Lowara and Flamco are included in our expansion vessels section and special price offers are always changing so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and following us on social media so you don’t miss out.

Our current special deals are applied to Grundfos expansion vessels and you can make major savings right now. All expansion vessels from CPS are supplied in full accordance with the EN 13831 standard and all specifications laid out by the EC Pressure Equipment Directive and Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

You can be sure that the widest range of options is available when you purchase a quality expansion vessel from CPS. Capacities range from a tiny two litres to an industry-scale 1,000 litre model and there are lots of available extras including expansion kits, mounting brackets, pressure gauges and facilities for solar-power system incorporation.

Making the right choice can sometimes be difficult and understanding all of the technical information  can be even more of a challenge. Don't get lost in the information because our talented, highly trained and completely dedicated team are standing by to offer expert assistance in choosing the right expansion vessel to suit your particular circumstance. Why not give them a call today?

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