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Last week, we published an article with all the information about one of our new product ranges, designed and developed by the skilled, talented and inventive staff of Ebara. We continue with another new product range this week; the selection of submersible drainage pumps is also manufactured by Ebara and certainly lives up to its name ‘Best One’.

Ebara BEST ONE MA Submersible Drainage Pump with 10m cableEbara BEST ONE VOX MA (Single Phase) Submersible Drainage Pump with Float SwitchEbara BEST ONE MS (Single Phase) Submersible Drainage Pump with Magnetic Float Switch

All models in the range are now available direct to you at a seriously competitive price from CPS. As always, you are guaranteed a pleasurable and productive experience throughout all of your interactions with us. We offer professional quality, attractive pricing and efficient customer service; and three out of three ain't bad!

Flooding has increased in the UK in recent years, both in frequency and severity, with many areas that have never before been prone to the danger suddenly succumbing to persistent heavy rainfall and a dramatically engorged water table. It is an extremely frightening, stressful and ultimately disheartening experience to see rainwater pouring into your home and so being prepared for the worst is the most reasonable response.

One way of preparing for potential flooding is to get your hands on a submersible drainage pump and Ebara Best One models are equipped to give you the assistance you need. Is is not without reason that the Best One is the market leader in this field, and that’s for both domestic and commercial use. Use it to quickly clear a flooded basement, to dewater ground or pump a septic tank: the versatile and powerful machine won’t let you down.

The range has an easy coding system so you know what features are on what model, allowing you to choose the most suitable. All motors are 0.25kW and are single- or three-phase.

Coding System Details

BEST ONE followed by one or more letters:

M: this is the original and can pump out water with solids up to a max diameter of 10mm.

MS: supplied with a magnetic float switch

MA: supplied with a standard float switch

VOX: vortex impeller version, which doubles the max possible diameter for pumping solids to 20mm

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