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Dosing Pots from Complete Pump Supplies - save 10%!

A dosing pot is an essential component in a closed water system. Feeding liquid chemicals safely into the system, the vessels are fabricated from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and feature flow, return, non-return, air release, drain and filling valves along with a stainless steel tundish. All dosing pots from Complete Pump Supplies are now available with an attractive 10% discount.

Complete Pump Supplies offer a wide range of sizes of dosing pot, from the smallest at 3.5 litres to the largest at a huge 25-litre capacity. The correct fitting and operation of these stainless steel vessels is essential in order to ensure safety and efficient chemical feed though by following our simple tips below it should be a quick, easy and consistently-successful job.

  • Make sure that the closed system will offer adequate protection to the dosing pot, keeping it working within its defined limits

  • First isolate the stainless steel dosing pot by closing all valves

  • Drain pot by fully opening valves A & D

  • Charge the vessel by closing valve D before introducing the chemical solution, such as a corrosion inhibitor, via the stainless steel tundish (valve A)

  • Expel any remaining air by opening the air vent - solution should appear shortly after

  • Inject the treatment by closing valve A and fully opening valves B & C

  • Be aware of safety - dosing pot may reach temperatures of up to 120 degrees centigrade during operation

  • A check valve has been installed to the dosing pot which will prevent burns or contact with chemicals (through blow-back)

At Complete Pump Supplies, we also make sure our prices are ultra-competitive and this 10% discount makes these stainless steel dosing pots even more cost-effective than ever. We provide a price-match guarantee in case you find them cheaper elsewhere and all orders over £75 in value automatically qualify for free UK delivery.

Check out the product pages for HD zoomable images and further information about our dosing pots and other hot water system supplies, including access to detailed data sheets.

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