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Drainage Submersible Pumps to Beat Barney!

The naming of tropical storms is common practice in many parts of the world though, until recently, has not been carried out in the UK. All of that changed with the recent arrival of Storm Abigail, the first to ever be named by the Met Office, which has wreaked havoc across the country in the form of low temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfall.

Storm Abigail brought with it a particularly damaging amount of rain, leading to many properties suffering the devastating effects of flooding. Basements were some of the worst hit areas and many homes have been left with dirty standing water covering the floors of their underground spaces.

As if the weather has not been bad enough, following hot (or rather cold!) on the heels of Storm Abigail comes Storm Barney, who is already being as, if not more, devastating as his older sister. Lots more rain is predicted for the coming weeks and so, if your property has been lucky enough to survive Storms Abigail and Barney, there isn’t a moment to lose in making sure you have the right equipment to deal with the next one.

Standing water is bad news for any property, causing damage to the surfaces below, soaking into woodwork and quickly becoming stagnant. Not only unpleasant, unsightly and smelly, stagnant water and damp woodwork or masonry create an ideal breeding ground for moulds and bacteria that can damage human health.

Whether you need immediate help with safely removing water from basements and other flooded areas or just want to make sure you’re prepared in case of future issues, we can supply a wide selection of drainage submersible pumps manufactured by only the most respected brands in the sector, including Lowara, Calpeda, DAB and Grundfos.

One of the most comprehensive drainage submersible pump solutions we supply is the Lowara Floodkit, which is:

  • Fast, simple and effective

  • Perfect for a wide range of flooded areas such as basements, residential buildings, garages and many more

  • Complete and ready-to-use, containing a 6m flexible PVC hose (with quick-coupling action) and Lowara DOC3 stainless steel drainage pump, one of the market-leading company’s signature products

  • Supplied in a robust plastic container that ingeniously doubles up as an efficient strainer when the pump is in operation

  • Pre-assembled with integral float switch

  • Light, compact and easy to store and transport - the pump weighs a mere 4kg, meaning the total kit weight is just 8.5kg

  • Capable of a water flow rate of up to 135 litres per minute

Check out our range of Lowara Drainage Submersible Pumps, along with other models by Calpeda and more. Don’t let flooding stand in your way – fight back with Complete Pump Supplies!

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