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Energy saving ideas for your business

Running a business can be costly enough as it is, therefore the last thing you need is to be faced with hefty energy bills every month. Whilst bills are an unavoidable aspect of any business, there are things you can do to cut the cost of energy, while also benefiting the environment at the same time. From optimising your heating system with a Lowara central heating pump to turning off your power, take a look at these quick and easy energy saving ideas that you can utilise in your business.


Turn off your lights


One easy way for businesses to save money on bills is to pay attention to lighting. Many offices keep the lights on at unnecessary times, such as after office hours or when natural daylight is available. Remember to turn off lighting when it’s not needed, and keep the blinds open as much as possible on sunny days to fill the office with healthy natural light. Not only will this save on energy, but it’s also been shown to have benefits on employee’s well being and productivity.  

Be smart about heating


Heating is one of the main costs when it comes to energy bills, but keeping your workplace warm needn’t be as pricey as you’d think. During the winter months, start by sealing over areas of your windows where draughts are likely to seep through, and consider double glazing. Instead of leaving central heating on all day long, programme it to come on for a few hours after work begins. Unless you have an office on the larger side, doing this should keep the room warm for most of the day, at a much lower cost. Consider investing in a high quality central heating system such as the Lowara central heating pump to ensure everything runs smoothly.  

Let your employees know


To truly get the most out of energy saving, encourage all members of the team to stick to certain rituals. This means letting the last person in the office know to turn off the lights before they leave, switch off kitchen appliances at the end of the day, and make sure to not overfill the kettle since this uses an extra amount of energy when boiled. These things may seem small but they can have a huge impact on both your bills and the environment in the long run!  

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