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Five things to consider before buying a hot tub

Picture this: Your new hot tub, being rapidly filled with hot, steamy water, also thanks to your new mains water booster pump. You are shoulder deep, a big grin on your face, impossible to remove.

A hot tub is a brilliant way to unwind, and can be more than inviting on a cold winter’s day. But a hot tub is not something to purchase impulsively. Here are five things that should cross your mind before you make the big leap.

1. Where will you keep it?

Hot tubs are heavy and need a solid, level, base. You’ll also need a handy electrical supply and hose pipe nearby. Regardless of how you want the hot tub to be like, you’ll have to seriously consider the space in your house and/or garage. Your height is also a factor in determining what sized hot tub to get, and the size you get will be limited by the size of the available rooms. It can lead to a sort-of positive feedback loop that requires you to tread with caution.

2. What do you want it for?

If you’re looking to de-stress, splash around, or host a few social and/or romantic evenings then most hot tubs will be sufficient. But if you’re looking for a genuinely therapeutic/­massaging experience then you may want to up the horsepower. Meaning more water jets and even more water pumps.

3. Do you have a mains water booster pump?

Hot tubs obviously require a lot of water and are generally filled using a hose pipe. Depending on the capacity and the water pressure, filling a hot tub can take about two or three hours. However, if you have an issue with low water pressure at home, this could take much longer, to the point of impracticality.

More and more people suffer low water pressure issues thanks to the ever-increasing demands of society. If you’re one of these people, you should think about buying a mains water booster pump. To say having an optimal amount of water pressure is essential for a hot tub owner is probably an understatement!  

4. Is the model reputable?

The word ‘Jacuzzi’ is often used interchangeably with hot tub, but that’s actually a brand name – and although that gives some idea as to how well established the Jacuzzi brand is that is not to say your search should stop there. There are plenty of great hot tub manufacturers to look at, but you should get out there and see them for yourself, in hot tub showrooms. If a manufacturer has a good reputation you’ll soon suss it out, and they readily offer a warranty along with upfront technical information.

5. How much will it cost?

The best hot tubs will give you years of pleasure, but the order of pricing can be expensive, ranging from a few hundred quid to thousands of pounds. But it’s easy to focus too much on initial payments. It’s the upkeeping and maintenance costs that can be a drain. Though they are hard to determine because they depend on so many variables, you can expect to pay an additional £20 a week for your hot tub, maybe even more.

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