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How to Install Flowpac Compact Water Booster Set

Installation is not difficult and here we present a guide to help you. Just follow these simple steps to gain complete control with Complete Pump Supplies.

  • Don’t lift the booster by its control panel or pipework

  • Anti-cycle vessels must not be used to move the booster - connect booster to discharge and suction pipework before installing

  • Install frost protection if room is unheated

  • Locate booster set in an area where potential water leakage will cause minimal damage

  • Choose a totally flat surface, - the unit should be located on a plinth if there is a flood risk

  • Fix anti-vibration mounts (optional) to floor or plinth and fix booster set to mounts

  • Ensure flooded suction from cold water tank if no self-priming pump is specified

  • Install full-bore isolating valve at the discharge to facilitate maintenance

  • Prime pumps before switching on the unit

  • Anti-cycle vessels must be fitted to the discharge manifold - serious damage may occur without installing these vessels

  • Maintain air charge at 0.3bar below nominal operating pressures

Once installed, the Flowpac space-saving water booster set will provide extremely efficient service via its powerful inverter-driven system. Though extremely powerful and supporting a tank of up to 2000l capacity, the set operates at just 45dB. As with all of our products, quality is absolutely guaranteed and we provide a comprehensive after sales service to our diverse blend of customers.

As well as providing all of the pump supplies you will ever need, we can also professional advice on installation and related topics; simply give us a call and we will be happy to help you. Complete Pump Supplies - making water work for you.

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