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Flowpac Water Boosters – Tips & Tricks

Reliable, cost-effective, durable, versatile, reliable… the list goes on! These are just some of the words that have been used to describe one of our best-selling items here at Complete Pump Supplies.

The Flowpac Booster Set & Tank is designed to get the water flowing in large buildings, ensuring a steady, consistent and strong flow that keeps everyone happy - check out some of its features below, along with a quick installation guide.

The problem of low pressure water flow is a common one and there is a whole range of factors that can cause it. Whatever the issue, a Flowpac Water Booster is going to help – for a small initial investment, you can benefit from:

  • A specialised, dedicated air gap to suit potable water applications or CAT 5 installation

  • Lots of tank sizes to improve versatility - our most popular size is 600 litres and will fit comfortably through a standard doorway though we provide vessels of up to 2,000l capacity for very large premises

  • Intelligent, space-conscious design that ensures all components are packed together in the most compact space-efficient way possible - tightly and seamlessly

  • A whisper-quiet operation of less than 45dB - and that’s when it’s running at full power

  • Inverter-driven technology that delivers extremely impressive performance even when used in tough conditions

  • 2-year peace-of-mind guarantee from the day you purchase

  • Fast delivery – for free!. Any order from our website totalling £75.00 or more (excluding VAT) will be rushed to your mainland UK address. We also offer next-day delivery for a nominal charge

If you are thinking of installing a Flowpac booster set, check out our tips here. Note that this is not an exhaustive guide and that the detailed instructions, provided with your booster set, should be closely examined and followed.

  • Never use the pipework or control panel to lift the unit or anti-cycle vessels to move it

  • Connect the booster to the suction and discharge pipework before commencing installation

  • In unheated rooms, consider frost protection

  • Install on a completely flat surface - on a plinth if flood risk is possible

  • Prime pumps before switch-on

  • Keep the air charge around 0.3bar BELOW the nominal operating pressure

To get the very best advice, call our highly-trained team now. Don’t put up with low flow – fight back with Flowpac!

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