Garden Pumps

How to choose the right water pump for your garden

We’re well and truly into the DIY season of the year with summer being just around the corner. The garden is one area we all try and focus on; dependant on the weather of course! It’s all about freshening up the fences with a new lick of paint, planting some new flowers, giving the BBQ a clean down and getting the garden furniture out.

Although all the above is great and makes for a lovely afternoon in the garden have you thought about any water features or ponds and how they will need looking after and maintaining through the summer months?

If this isn’t something you have thought about yet, there is no time like the present! We want to help you with understanding what pumps are suitable for your garden and will be most efficient for your usage.

Choosing a pump for your pond

If you are fortunate enough to have a pond in your garden looking after it should be one of your main garden priorities. Water in ponds can easily get murky over time which isn’t very aesthetically pleasing nor great for any fish or plants you have in the pond.

To ensure your pond water stays clean and a healthy place for any living creatures a submersible pump is not only a worthwhile investment but is also a requirement for a pond.

Submersible pumps are waterproof and don’t require much effort of hassle when installing them as they simply submerge into the pond itself sitting at the bottom. Once the pump has been submerged it creates a safe environment for survival.

The great thing about a submersible pump for your garden pond is that it operates 24/7, with the pump constantly running it makes managing your pond water very easy as the work is being done for you.

Another benefit of using a submersible pump is that they don’t require a lot of energy when converting rotary energy into kinetic energy which then turns into pressure energy. It sounds like a lot of work but the process is simple; the water is pulled in and the rotation of the pump pushes it back out which then rises to the surface keeping your pond clean and murk free.

Which submersible pump should I choose?

There are a variety of submersible pumps to choose from so when it comes to making your purchase we would like to help you make the right decision for your needs. Dependant on the size of your pond will determine exactly what pump will be the most efficient and effective for you.

Whether it be a Calpeda, Lowara, DAB, Pedrollo or Ebara our expert team will be able to help. For our help and advice don’t hesitate to contact us, our knowledge is here to be shared to ensure you get the best out of your submersible pump and the customer service here at Complete Pump Supplies.