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How to get your garden ready for Spring and Summer

After a long British Winter, the sun is finally beginning to shine. With warmer weather comes family BBQ’s, garden parties and more time spent outside — but what if the harshness of Winter weather has left your garden in a less than sightly state? Here at Complete Pump Supplies, we’ve put together a guide with ideas on how to get your garden looking Spring and Summer ready. From installing a home booster pump for optimal water pressure, to giving your furnishings and shrubbery some love and care, take a look at these five simple tips.

Tidy up the lawn

All that time spent cuddled up indoors throughout the Winter has led your lawn to become neglected. For the first step in transforming your garden, make sure you give your grass a thorough tidy up. If your lawn is looking a bit patchy for your liking, consider installing some fake grass for an instant makeover. 

Install a sprinkler

The one downside that the Spring and Summer can have when it comes to gardening is a lack of rain-water (here’s hoping!). Since plants, flowers and grass need regular watering to stay healthy, consider installing a sprinkler in the garden to ensure your greenery doesn’t dry out. For those who have problems with low water pressure, investing in a home booster set can be a good idea if you need to improve your water pressure for gardening purposes, making watering plants with a hose pipe a lot quicker and more efficient. 

Prepare your soil

Before planting anything new, check that your soil is ready for the new season. Clear away any weeds that might have grown, and add fresh compost or manure to give the soil some nutrients a few weeks before you plant anything to give it time to mix together. 

Plant summer-flowering bulbs 

You just can’t beat a garden full of beautiful, colourful florals! In the Spring, plant some bulbs and seeds that will bloom by the time the Summer comes around. Flowers such as Lilies and Ranunculus can be planted in early Spring and leave you with a striking display just in time for those sunny days and warm nights.

Give your garden furniture some TLC 

If you have wooden furniture such as a table and chairs in the garden, Autumn and Winters weather might have left these items looking drab and worn out. Spring is the perfect time to start giving your garden furniture some attention to get it ready for the new seasons. This could mean painting pieces of furniture in either a wood finish or a bright colour for a quirkier look, and choosing out some stylish garden cushions for decoration. You could even get creative and repurpose old items to make additional pieces that add to your decor, such as filling old jars or wine bottles with flowers for a rustic look. 

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