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Getting Into a Closed System — Mission Impossible?

Though they are not particularly well-known outside of the trade, chemical dosing pots are certainly familiar to those who work in plumbing. Used to safely and accurately feed liquid chemicals into a closed system, the components are an essential part of any installer or maintenance operative’s kit and you can buy the best from Complete Pump Supplies.

When a liquid chemical, such as one designed to inhibit corrosion, needs to be fed into a closed system, a chemical dosing pot is the only practical way to get it done right, first time. A stainless steel vessel, which features four valves (return, flow, drain and filling), is teamed with a tundish, also formed from stainless steel, which itself has an air-release and a non-return valve. Wall-mounting brackets are provided for your convenience.

In operation, the dosing pot is fitted across the return and flow lines, effectively annexing a portion of the system’s water, which is drained away and replace with the chemical, keeping the system balanced. The system is reconnected and the chemical can flush throughout, carrying out its particular role.

Each pot is fitted with a large (1”) valve to ensure the pot delivers the swiftest, simplest action, no matter how low the flow or pressure is. Purging takes place during filling with the integral air vent and so no air can get into the system, meaning it stays the way it is meant to be - closed. An NRV check valve is provided and is located neatly and conveniently, fitted into the fill line just below the durable steel tundish. The entire unit is welded to conform rigidly to BS EN 287 and are designed to PD 5500:2009 category 3 (CE Marked) standard at their respective working pressures, details of which can be found on the product page along with an informative step-by-step usage guide.

All system sizes are catered for in our selection of chemical dosing pots, which range from a 3.5 litre capacity to that of our largest model, which is of an industrial 25 litre capacity. As with our entire product range, absolute quality combined with realistic and competitive price is guaranteed when you purchase chemical dosing pots from Complete Pump Supplies.

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