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GRP Water Storage Insulated Tanks

Suppliers of GRP cold Water storage tanks

  • Water storage tankspotable water tanks (drinking),
  • one piece water tank
  • two piece water tank and sectional water storage tanks.

Bespoke storage tanks, are available in one and two piece formats, ideal for applications where access or available footprint are an issue and accessories like float valves to suit most applications.

Our Glass Reinforced Plastic storage tanks (or GRP tanks) are composed of modern composite materials and manufactured by Hand Lay-up and filament winding processes in order to store chemicals safely and exceed all the necessary regulations. These storage tanks are made from fiberglass, a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material. It is typically far less brittle than carbon fiber, and it also has bulk strength and weight properties that make it favourable even when compared to metals.

The water tanks’ strength and durability mean they are a cut above typical industrial water storage tanks. Unlike many other standard tanks, our GRP Cold water tanks are extremely resistant to corrosion and this makes us confident in our products’ durability, which is why we can offer you a lengthy guarantee period.  Apart from their long lasting qualities, the tanks are very easy to manage, mainly due to the lightweight characteristics of the GRP materials.

Complete Pump Supplies are capable of sizing and supplying Water Tanks to match almost all applications.

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