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How can your heating system benefit from a pressurisation unit?

Interested in getting a pressurisation unit but unsure what they are and the ways your heating system can benefit from one? Take a look at our top tips! 


What is a pressurisation unit?


The traditional ‘open’ heating/chilled system has its feed and expansion tank positioned above the highest point in the system, feeding it with water whilst accommodating expansion and replacing losses due to evaporation. However, this traditional approach does have its disadvantages: water stored at such a high level occupies a large amount of space, partly due to the need for increased structural support. The crucial failing of this type of system is it allows air in which eventually leads to corrosion, incurring future maintenance costs, and repetitive issues. 

The pressurisation unit on the other hand, corrects these two key flaws whilst maintaining many of the benefits found in a traditional system. The issue of space is addressed by models like the Grundfos Mini Duopress Basic Set, which offers a compact wall mounted unit fully equipped with one or two small pressurisation pumps. Like most pressurisation units, this model has the traditional benefits of maintaining initial fill pressures, and replaces water lost through system leakage. 


How can a pressurisation unit benefit heating systems?


However, perhaps of greater concern is the potential cost incurred by air induced corrosion. A pressurisation unit working on a sealed system helps to rectify this issue, the Spirotech Spiropress Standard 450 litre Pressurisation Unit is an especially adept device when considering saving on maintenance costs. The Spirotech unit directly combats corrosion caused by oxygen through leaks or by refilling with un degassed water. The Spirotech addresses these issues with its automatic pressure monitoring and control, providing degassed water. Your home will undoubtedly benefit from the Spirotech Spiropress Standard 450 litre unit’s drastically reduced maintenance costs - which combined with an affordable price,  consequently provides you with a cost-efficient solution. 

The Lowara Micro Presfix 240 (Twin pump, max F/P 4 bar) is a similarly excellent and beneficial pressurisation unit. Compact, and designed to replace lost water whilst keeping corrosion to an absolute minimum, the Lowara Micro Prefix is certainly worth the investment. What makes this unit perfect for your domestic environment are the plethora of features which create a well-balanced product. It comes complete with safety circuits locking out the boiler and chiller in the advent of high/ low pressures, while three levels of sophistication are offered along with two pressure ranges for the Mini Presfix and single range for Micro Presfix units. 

Your heating system benefits from the installation of a pressurisation unit primarily because of their more compact, yet comprehensive sealed system that addresses many of the problems found in traditional open systems. The minimisation of corrosion in a pressurisation unit’s system will decrease your future maintenance costs and provide you with a quiet continuity analogous to peace of mind.  


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