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Historical Advances in Water Technologies

As a natural source, we have been utilising the power of water for centuries. Even during pre-biblical times, innovators and engineers were developing technologies to harness water. Here we explore a timeline of historical advances in water technologies before the year 0.

5090-5200 BCE  – Water Well
The earliest recorded history of wood-lined wells date back to 5090 BCE and 5200 BCE in modern day Germany and Austria respectively.

Early wells were heavily utilised by Australian Aborigines who were extremely reliant on underground water resources when trying to survive the extremities of the harsh Australian desert.

3000-1500 BCE – Water Tank
The Indus Valley Civilisation (modern day Egypt and surrounding countries) were considered to be the first to utilise water tanks to store bodies of water.

Using wood, ceramics or stone, the civilisation was able to store significant amounts of water. The water tank became an important tool during the Medieval age – with castle defenders requiring the sustinence to survive a siege.

1400 BCE – The Water Clock
Known in ancient Greece as the Clepsydra, the water clock was developed to help people roughly measure the passing of time.

Measuring the amount of drops of water from a tank, it was thought this could be used to indicate stretches of time.

550 BCE – Water Tunnels
Eupalinus of Megara developed the world’s first water tunnel in Samos Island in the 6th century.

Considered one of the major feats of ancient engineer, Eupalinus developed the tunnel to bring water to a city and was constructed upon orders by the tyrant Polycrates of Samos.

Amazingly, the tunnel has survived and still exists today.

3rd Century BCE – Archimedes’ Screw
Revolutionising the act of transferring water, the Archimedes screw is attributed to the famous ancient Greek mathematician.

So influential was the Archimedes’ screw on the modern world of water treatment, pumps and water irrigation – we wrote an article about it!

3rd Century BCE – Water Wheel
Sometime between 280 and 220 BCE, the first water wheels were developed in the Hellenistic Kingdoms (modern day Greece and surrounding countries) for irrigation and power source respon­sibi­lities.

Considered one of the great technological advances in history, the invention is still widely used throughout the world today.

1st Century BCE – Watermill
Developed to help with the production of grain, the watermill utilised the (relatively speaking) new innovation of the water wheel.

Invented by Greek engineers, the watermill was found to be capable of completing a wide range of tasks from producing grain to the crushing of gold-bearing Quartz.

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