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How Do We Get Water In Our Homes

The average person uses up to 149 litres of water every single day for drinking, showering, cleaning and more.
Despite it being a huge part of our lives and a utility that we rely so heavily on, many people take water completely for granted and do not fully understand where our supplies come from.
The incredible volumes of water that are used around the developed world every day need to be carefully treated and properly stored before they are fit for use and consumption.
There is a long process taking units from bodies of waters to our glasses and bath tubs.
Where does my Water Come From?
Drinking water comes from surface water or ground water.
Surface water is made up of bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs that are open to the atmosphere, whereas water pumped from wells and underground aquifers (geologic formations containing water) is known as ground water.
More households get their water from ground water sources than surface water and the quantity of water produced by these sources rely on the nature of the rock, sand or soil in the well or aquifer. Your local water works will be able to inform you of the source of your water.
How do I know my Water is Safe?
Both ground water and surface water are comprehensively treated by water companies to ensure they are safe for use in the home.
In some areas the water is drinkable, whereas in others it is inadvisable to drink the water.
Surface water is generally subjected to more treatment than ground water as it is generally more exposed and may be made up of rain and melted snowfall.
There are a number of methods used to ensure that the water that reaches homes is safe for use.
Coagulation and flocculation is the process of adding chemicals to water to assist in the removal of particles suspended in water.
The water then goes through the process of sedimentation (further removal of particles) and filtration (the final step or the process wherein all remaining unwanted particles are removed).
There are alternative methods which are sometimes implemented such as ion exchange which helps remove traces of nitrate and natural organic matter.
How Does Water Get to my Taps?
Water is typically transported through an underground network of pipes from the ground or surface sources to our homes.
Water towers and treatment plants are traditionally set in high locations so it is gravity moving the water to your tap.
However electricity and pump systems are required to transport water to these towers and treatment plants.
However, poor pipe infrastructure or water access can reduce the pressure of water received by a property.
Complete Pump Supplies home booster sets can help increase this pressure and ensure dwellers have access to sufficient drinking water and/or satisfying showers.
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