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How to Choose the Best Expansion Vessel...

Best Expansion Vessel
Have you ever heard a water heating system referred to as ‘closed’? The reason for this is that such systems are not exposed to the ordinary pressure of the atmosphere surrounding us. When the water inside a closed system is heated or allowed to cool, the pressure within is subject to sudden changes which create ‘water hammers’, which are changes in the direction of or complete stops of water flow. These damage the system and the way to avoid the problem is installing a high quality expansion vessel.

It is simply air that is used to solve the problem - expansion vessels contain a regulated amount of air which cushions any impacts from the water hammers naturally created during heating and cooling processes. Expansion vessels are not only used in domestic settings - they can also be found in many pieces of industrial equipment and in car engines. Pressure is absorbed, impact softened and protection ensured when an expansion vessel is correctly installed.

At Complete Pump Supplies, we choose the companies we work with very carefully in order to ensure that we are always delivering the best of the best. When you’re looking for a suitable expansion vessel, you have a market-leading selection of manufacturers to choose from here at Complete Pump Supplies, including:

  • Reflex

  • Grundfos

  • Lowara

  • Polytank

  • Flamco

Throughout our many years’ of experience, we have found these companies to provide the most efficient, reliable expansion vessels, protecting heating systems all over the country. Each vessel is guaranteed to rigidly conform to all relevant health, safety and quality specifications laid out by EN, PED (the EC Pressure Equipment Directive) and WRAS ( UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

Whether you need a capacity of 2 litres or 1,000 litres, we have got you covered. Any application, from commercial to domestic, can be catered to with ease and we also stock a selection of special application vessels for potable and solar-powered heating systems. Need accessories? We have all those too - from brackets and pressure gauges to the amazing Reflex Sealed System Expansion Kit.

Getting the right vessel is a matter of paramount importance and we can help guide you through our product range. Call us today and save your system!

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