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How to keep your workplace warm this Winter

Did you know, the apparent inevitability of a freezing workplace is one of the most hated and bemoaned aspects for employees during the winter months? A Lowara heating pump may be just what you need to ensure employee satisfaction at this time of year. Such a simple change could bring enormous benefits to workplace positivity. After all, as the old adage goes, a happy worker is a hard worker.

Why the Lowara heating pump?

The heating pump can be thought of as the beating heart of any central heating system. The ‘heart’ pumps hot water, circulating it to the boiler and to the radiators, in an efficient process that prevents the water from cooling. Just as a healthy heart indicates good circulation, the Lowara heating pump acts as an incredibly efficient means to keep the central heating system in optimal working condition.

If you find the employees are hugging the radiators for a response that’s tepid at best, and if it’s a long wait on an unforgivingly cold day for the heating to really get going, then the likely cause is an ailing, ageing central heating system.

Fortunately, you can replace the old, insufficient pump with a new one. The result will not only be a more energy efficient system, but one that should bring down the cost of the overall heating bill. If the central heating is fine but there’s still complains, try the following:

Get a thermostat

The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers recommends a comfortable temperature of around sixteen degrees Celsius for factories and twenty degrees for office spaces. A thermostat set to the optimal temperature will not only regulate in accordance to any external change, but it can keep the temperature in check out of hours. It can make a huge difference in mood if the office is nice and mild first thing in the morning.

Use gadgets

You can’t please everybody. For that one person who’s still bound to be freezing while everybody else is sweating, a personal space heater might be the best solution. They are portable, affordable, and efficient. And you can store them away underneath the desk.

A humidifier might not seem like an obvious solution at first, but it can do a great deal to reduce dryness and make the office notably warmer. Dry skin is often a symptom of the lack of humidity brought on by winter.

Turn to the old fashioned methods

Maybe the office space is too large. Maybe it’s an old building, with drafts and poor insulation, that cannot be addressed in the meantime. In that case, a little can go a long way to make your employees feel appreciated. Provisions of blankets, endless supplies of tea and coffee, all should provide a low cost but high-valued means to make ends meet.

Now that the workplace is sorted, don’t forget about the house! Our featured article on how to keep your home warm during the autumn has all the checks that’ll bring the positivity back for the family. 



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