How to Make a Dated House Liveable

Have you recently or will you soon be moving into a dated house in need of renovation? After a clear out and a deep clean, if you intend to live in the property while the building work is underway, there will be a number of jobs for you to complete firstly to ensure the conditions are liveable. In this post we look at five tasks we think are priorities for a habitable home.

Get the Shower Up to Standard

Whether updating the bathroom is first or last on the list, we would advise making sure your shower is going to be up to standard. Even if your bath/stand-in shower is not quite as you would like just yet, investing in a Grundfos home booster will give you an much improved showering experience. With the rest of the house potentially being a building site, you at the very least deserve to have the luxury of hot flowing water at an acceptable rate.

Have a Base Other than the Bed

If you are moving in with minimal furniture, or are not yet sure which room to begin with, ensure that you give yourself a base to eat and sit at other than your bed. This could mean buying some cheap outdoor furniture to get you by, before making the much bigger purchase of an actual couch or dining table! Having somewhere other than your bed to eat dinner and relax at will allow you to feel much more civilised amongst the chaos.

Change the Locks

A ‘key’ initial job to do when moving into a new house, is to have the locks changed. Although you may have met the previous owner, you never know how many keys have been copied and who is in possession of one. Remember not just to switch the barrel on the front door but also on the back and any garage or other external doors.

Check on the Central Heating

If you are moving in in the summer months, it is still just as important to check the function of your boiler and heating system as in the winter. By doing this immediately, you can deal with and respond to any issues with your heating before you really need it. It will also help if you are making any major structural changes to the property to have your boiler situated where you intend for it to be as soon as possible.

Buy the Bare Essentials

You will need to buy some essential house-keeping items for your new home. However, stick to only purchasing what you really need and couldn’t get by without. This way, when it comes to decorating each room, you will have less to move and store. It also means you can keep things cheap and save for items like crockery once you have made decisions on colour schemes and designs.