How to Make your Home More Environmentally Friendly

Our world is at serious risk, and it is our doing. Through the work of scientists, activists and the great David Attenborough, we are becoming more aware of the damage that we as a human race, have caused to the planet. We have lost ecosystems and entire species, through our relentless demand for fossil fuels. If we do not begin to make changes to our behaviours and actions, irreversible destruction will be caused and habitats, nature and future generations will be under threat.

But it is not too late. If we work quickly, we can save what is left of our planet. All of us must begin to take steps in leading a more sustainable life. In this post, we look at how to improve our carbon footprint with changes we can make at home.

Install a Hot Water Circulation Pump

By installing a hot water circulation pump, we are limiting the time it takes to run hot water. A small investment at first, using one of these pumps will save you money on your water bill in the long-term. Not only this, but it will also reduce the amount of water wasted over time. At Complete Pump Supplies, we have a range of hot water pumps available from quality names like DAB, Lowara, Grundfos and Wilo all suited for a number of applications. They operate using little energy, are highly efficient and have straightforward usability. Check out the range here for a great value purchase.

Fix Solar Panels to Your Roof

Solar panels are a great way of sourcing renewable energy for your home. So long as your roof does not encounter shade from 10am-4pm, you should reap the benefits. With two different types of solar panel available – PV and solar thermal, you can choose whether you would prefer the panels to provide savings on your electricity bills through powering lights and other goods or on heating your home and water. You shouldn’t need planning permission to install the panels and you mustn’t think that you would be tied into staying with your energy provider – you are free to swap and change for the cheapest deal.

Insulate your Home

There are a number of ways that you can insulate your home, all of which saving you money on heating bills whilst allowing you to conserve energy. Types of insulation include your roof and loft, cavity walls, insulating tanks, pipes and radiators, floor, solid wall, draught-proofing, damp and condensation solutions. One of the most effective places to insulate is your roof and loft. As heat rises, without adequate insulation, you will undoubtedly lose the heating that you pay for through the roof. With an easily accessible loft, insulating your attic yourself can be relatively simple, though if you experience damp, we advise that you enlist the help of a professional.