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How to save money with a home energy check

While it’s always better to hire a professional when it comes to the home, doing a DIY home energy audit can be an easy way to help you discover more about your energy use. Finding out more about the workings of your home can also help you discover what areas need to be improved, such as the need for a Grundfos home booster pump to resolve low water pressure. Take a look at our easy guide on how you can complete a DIY energy audit for your home.  

Check heating and hot water systems

Heating and water systems are often a good indicator of issues within the home. Low water pressure in the shower or faucets can cause you to overcompensate with the water that’s used, resulting in more energy to be wasted. Investing in a quality home booster set such as the grundfos home booster pump is the perfect way to improve water pressure, meaning those morning showers can be as speedy as they need to be.  

Check insulation

If the insulation in your home is insufficient, a lot of heat can end up being lost, resulting in central heating to be used more often. Start in the attic and check whether the openings of chimneys, ductwork and pipes are sealed, and if not seal them with some non-combustive sealant. While checking the insulation in your walls is tricky, there are ways it can be done. Ways to do this are cutting a discrete hole in the bottom of a wall of floorboard, and probe around inside until you find any sign of insulation. If you don’t, you should get in touch with a specialist right away for some to be fitted.  

Check for air leaks

Gaps along the edge of flooring, the corners of windows, doors or electrical outlets are extremely common, and could be another way that heat is being lost in the home. To keep your home warm and limit how often central heating is used, seal up any leaks with the right weat­hers­tripping or caulk.  

Estimate your electronic use

Using electronics contributes a lot to overall energy use in the home. Try and work out how much electronic use your household has on a day to day basis, such as how many hours of TV are watched, how many items are constantly plugged in, and how many lights are switched on when not in use. Being mindful of electronic use can help you work out what can be done to limit it, such as unplugging appliances when not in use, and only turning lights on when there’s no natural light.


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