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E.Sybox Home Booster Set from DABHave you been enjoying the warm weather? We certainly have been and getting out into the garden again is a welcome delight after being cooped up inside while the weather figured out what season it is! Lots of people have been doing the same and making the outdoor space nicer often involves giving thirsty lawns a drink with a hosepipe but, if you have problems with flow rate, you’re going to have problems with dry grass!

This is just one of the many ways that slow water flow rates can affect your property, lots of which you are going to notice during periods of warm weather. Looking forward to a nice cooling shower after that tiring but exciting game of tennis? Think again. Water-fight with the neighbours? You’re destined for defeat. Make sure your flow rate is the best it can be by installing an E.Sybox Home Booster Set from DAB, available now with an exclusive discount from Complete Pump Supplies.

A new, unique and fully-integrated system created by market-leading manufacturer DAB, the e.sybox home booster set gives any domestic or residential water system the power it needs to provide consistent, plentiful flow rates. Everything required - pump, electronics, sensors, vessel and display - is included and integral in a single piece of quality equipment, meaning that no additional components are required during installation. The e.sybox delivers:

  • E.Sybox Home Booster Set from DABExcellent Efficiency - powerful inverter technology uses only the energy necessary to satisfy water requirements at any given time, avoiding any wastage and saving a considerable amount of money

  • Unmatched Versatility - it doesn’t matter if your space is tall or narrow, recessed or ventilated: the e.sybox can be installed to suit and saves up to 30% of space compared to a more traditional system

  • Whisper-Quiet Functioning - in standard use, the system emits no more than 45dB thanks to its water-cooled motor, vibration-dampeners, inverter electronics and ABS protective casings

  • Total Simplicity - an intuitive, orientable display, wireless device and well-stocked technical compartment ensure that maintenance is quick, simple and easily achieved

  • Range of Options - CPS also supply the e.sybox Mini and Twin models: check out the product pages for all the details!

Don’t let low water flow rates ruin your summer - get an e.sybox from CPS at at massively-reduced price right now.

E.Sybox Home Booster Set from DAB

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