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Low Flow Rate - The Cause, The Effect & The Solution

The issue of low water flow is a major one and has actually become worse in recent years, rather than improving. There are many factors that can affect how well the water system of any property performs but there is only one proven effective way to remedy it. For all the information and answers you need, just check out our handy guide below…

The Problem

Low pressure water flow is making shower-time a nightmare - standing under a trickle of water that barely covers your body is an experience all too many people are sadly familiar with. If you want a bath, you have to schedule it an hour in advance in order to give it time to run. Your washing machine and dishwasher seem to be constantly on, taking ages to draw in enough water to function properly.

The Cause

Several causative factors have been identified and often occur in combination. These factors include:

  • Demand for Space - this is constantly increasing and developers have looked upwards for solutions, meaning the number of tall structures being built is increasing. We are also getting closer to one another - condensed living arrangements are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception, which also places greater demand on water flow

  • Inequality - getting the balance right isn’t always easy and, when pressure levels on-site are unequal, there are going to be problems with reliable water flow rates - solving them is essential and it is possible to do so in an extremely cost-effective manner

  • Industry - we live in a highly-industrialised world and many of the processing applications involved in producing the goods we need demand an extremely large water supply at high pressure, at the cost of domestic water flow rates

  • Water Authority Regulations - a water authority is not obliged to deliver a guaranteed flow rate of more than 9 litres per minute at a pressure of 1 bar. To save money, many water authorities only provide this minimum

The Solution

Simple, easy and effective, the installation of a home booster set can completely resolve your water worries, guaranteeing a flow rate the will put the power back into your shower! At CPS, we stock a wide range for you to choose from and highly recommend those from Grundfos...

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