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Lowara UK Ltd

Lowara is another member of the Xylem family, specialising in water booster sets, pressurisation units and pumps. All Lowara products comply with the high standards of research, design and manufacturing that is consistent throughout all of the Xylem brands. The top-quality products ensure a consistently high level performance.

Lowara products are capability of performing a wide range of tasks; from boosting the water pressure on domestic and commercial properties to producing artificial ice for the World Ice Hockey Championships. The company’s engineering team have a wide ranging technical understanding of water technology.

As a member of the Xylem family, the Lowara team have access to a wealth of technical knowledge, and research and development. This has helped Lowara produce a wide range of high quality pump products and water pressure solutions.

This in-depth knowledge also ensures that the Lowara team are well-positioned to help with customer enquiries and problems. The dedicated customer services team are equipped with far-reaching knowledge and will always endeavour to help any commercial or domestic problems faced before and after the completion of the any sale.

Lowara produces water booster sets for both home and commercial use. The home booster sets have a modern, contemporary design and simple-to-use functionality, making it easy for anybody to address their problems with water pressure.

For larger commercial needs, the company also produces heavy duty, three-pump booster sets, capable of increasing water pressure in large quantities. Their far-ranging products are designed to assist with sites and buildings of all sizes receive the solution to their water pressure problems.

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