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Mainsboost produce a number of home and commercial water boost systems that have been designed to improve and increase water pressure. The all-in-one units are unobtrusive and intelligently designed to maximise water performance utilising patented accumulator technology. All of the Mainsboost units are designed to stabilise the pressure placed on units as well as significantly increase the water flow rates.

The Mainsboost products provide a real and genuine alternative to more cumbersome units such as break tanks. All of the units have been designed to fit seamlessly into everyday life, offering silent operation and little-to-no required maintenance. Additionally all Mainsboost units are environmentally friendly and will incur smaller energy usage and charges.

The innovative engineers at Mainsboost have developed a system which boosts water by harnessing natural energy. By effectively and efficiently utilising all of the available energy, the units are capable of delivering a full, luxurious shower experience to properties which had previously struggled with poor flow rates.

All of Mainsboost’s are fully compliant and up-to-date with water regulations and are WRAS approved. The innovative system does not reduce in output when other taps and appliances are running - offering a consistent service.

A wide selection of sizes and configurations, making it possible to find the perfect Mainsboost home water boosting unit for your home. All of Mainsboost’s products are covered by a 5 year warranty, further underlining the company’s confidence in all of their product ranges.

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