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Massive Saving on the Lowara Floodkit

Lowara floodkitThere have been many floods in all areas of the country this year, including lots in places that had never before experienced such an event. Those who were caught by surprise can avoid the misery of waiting for flood remediation equipment this year, by purchasing the Lowara Floodkit from CPS at a greatly-reduced price.

As is to be expected, the first areas to suffer when overfilled rivers burst their banks are below-ground spaces. The first that many people know of the flooding is signalled by a sudden dripping that quickly becomes a pouring as filthy river water cascades into basement conversions, cellars and crawlspaces.

Lowara floodkit 2Efforts to stem the flow are hampered by excessive winds which drive the pouring rain ever-harder against the stricken properties through the night. Little relief is often brought with the morning light; many unfortunate homes are subject to further onslaughts even more powerful and damaging than the first. When the rain finally stops and the floodwaters began to recede, cleanup operations begin as families struggle to make sense of the devastation.

Standing water is obviously left behind in many properties, posing several hazards including damage to health, damp and decaying woodwork/­masonry and becoming a haven for mould, bacteria and insects. Getting rid of this water as soon as possible is of paramount importance and, to do so effectively, you need the right tool for the job.

We supply a wide range of flood prevention and remediation products, including the vastly-popular Lowara Floodkit. This best-selling drainage submersible pump system is:

  • Easy and quick to use, delivering maximum efficiency

  • Ideal for use wherever floodwater has gathered - garages, basements, homes outhouses and more

  • Supplied pre-assembled and ready-to-use with all required accessories including 6m quick-coupling PVC hose and Lowara’s trademark DOC3 drainage pump fabricated from robust stainless steel

  • Packaged securely in a strong plastic box for safe and easy storage and transportation - the complete kit when packaged weighs less than 9 kg and the box transforms into a strainer for use when pump is operational

  • Capable of removing more than 130 litres of water every minute

  • Now available from CPS with a HUGE 62% price discount!

There are lots more options available in our collection of drainage submersible pumps, from big-name brands such as DAB, Grundfos and Calpeda. Make sure you are ready for the bad weather that is almost certainly on the way as the season progresses into winter. Need help choosing exactly the right option? Contact our team today.

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