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New Products from CPS – Available Now!

We are always adding new products to our portfolio to make sure that you consistently have access to the very widest range of products, It has been like Christmas here at CPS recently as we take delivery of a host of brand new items, all of which have now been added to the ‘New Products’ section of our contemporary website. Why not check out the section today where, as always, you will find lots of surprise special offers exclusively from Complete Pump Supplies.

Some of the brand new products now available to purchase from Complete Pump Supplies include…

1135 Litre GRP Insulated Two Piece Water Tank

Innovative and versatile, the tank has been manufactured from a cutting-edge GRP material, which makes it cost-effective, durable and extremely low maintenance once installed. Designed to suit a host of storage applications for cold water, this product is particularly suited to locations with awkward or difficult access restrictions and comprise two sections of equal height, which can be easily joined together onsite using the sealant and fixings provided.

Compact Portable Temporary Booster Set

Need a temporary space saving booster solution? This amazing little product will provide it in full accordance with water regulations and will supply potable water for commercial and domestic premises in an emergency. Available with AG or AB AIr Gap (for potable and CAT5 applications respectively), this amazing piece of technology runs almost silently, its continuous duty stainless steel asynchronous motor submersible pump working reliably and with full overload and thermal protection built in.

Chemical Dosing Pots - 3.5 to 13.5 Litre

Feeding liquid chemicals, such as those designed to inhibit corrosion, into a closed system must be done carefully and accurately - chemical dosing pots provide the instant and reliable solution. Consisting of a vessel, made from stainless steel, with valves and a stainless steel tundish, the dosing pots allow for chilled or hot water systems to be dosed with the relevant chemical, protecting the system and improving its functionality and service life. All of these chemical dosing pots, with capacities from 3.5 to 13.5 litres, are now available with a massive 30% discount from Complete Pump Supplies!

These are just some of the new products available to purchase today, click here to discover lots more from CPS.

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