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No Power? No Problem — Hyundai Generators

We were recently extremely proud to become official distributors of Hyundai Power Equipment, extending our product range with the company’s quality compressors, water pumps and pressure washers. For December, we are showcasing Hyundai Generators - the fast, safe and reliable way to create electrical power wherever you are.

Our mutual decision with Hyundai couldn’t have come at a better time - the four named storms that have recently been battering the whole country with heavy rain and fierce winds have left thousands of homes flooded and without power. Intolerable at any time of year, the scenes of devastation to properties and the accompanying misery of the property owners are particularly hard to watch around the festive period. Efficient, cost-effective flood pumps and generators are needed and you will be hard pushed to find a more reliable combination of manufacturer/­supplier than Hyundai & CPS.

Some of the generators currently featuring in the ‘Products of the Month’ section of our website are:

Hyundai HirePro Industrial Petrol Generator

  • Designed for heavy-duty commercial and industry work, this world-class model is equipped with a powerful 7hp Hyundai engine and an Italian Nuova Saccardo Motori alternator to produce 2.7kW of pure power - all housed in a proudly British-built frame

  • 3.5L fuel capacity directly translates to 3.5hrs uninterrupted usage at 50% power

  • Weighs an unbelievably-tiny 37kg for unmatched portability, which is enhanced by the clever usage of the open frame as convenient carry-handles

Hyundai Inverter Generator

  • The perfect starter model for campers and caravanners - combines power and portability with compactness and cost-effectiveness

  • Produces 1kW of sine wave power - enough to make your sensitive electronics (from phones and laptops to televisions and heaters) work perfectly with no risk of damage

  • 2.7l petrol tank (LPG can be used if generator is converted) and 53cc 4-stroke Hyundai engine with digital overload protection, low oil shutdown and money-saving ‘ECO’ mode that also protects the machine and extends its life

Hyundai Diesel Generators

  • Available in a range of models to deliver up to a massive 10kW of safe, reliable power to homes and businesses

  • Starts with the turn of a key and can also be connected to an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) so that generator power automatically kicks in immediately when mains power fails and then shuts off when no longer required

  • Use around 1l of fuel per hour and can deliver up to 16 hours of continued running time

Don't be left in the dark - choose Hyundai Generators from Complete Pump Supplies! Not sure which generator would suit your needs best? Call our skilled technical team now for advice.

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