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On or Off? The Mystery of the Dripping Tap...

There are few things more annoying than a dripping tap: especially when the tap is switched on full and you are trying to run a bath or take a shower! Low water pressure in the domestic situation can be caused by many reasons, some of which are listed below. Unfortunately, these factors often occur in combination and so the only real guaranteed way to improve things is to purchase and install a home booster set! And that’s where we come in...

Complete Pump Supplies are specialist suppliers of a comprehensive collection of essential water booster sets, each designed and manufactured using the most modern methods and materials. There is a full range to suit every budget and property size so start exploring today and have a better bath tomorrow!

The factors contributing to low water pressure are many. A non-exhaustive list would include:

  • The increasing number of tall structures being built.

  • An upward-trend in condensed living arrangements.

  • Unequal levels of on-site pressure.

  • A higher demand for extremely high levels of water pressure from industrial processing applications.

  • A reduction in general water mains pressure (water authorities are only obliged to guarantee a flowrate of 9 litres per minute with a simultaneous pressure of 1 bar).

Water booster sets make short work of these factors, no matter how many of them affect you, precisely and reliably offering a consistent, guaranteed flow at a high rate. Fabricated using stainless steel of the very highest quality, water pressure boost products from Complete Pump Supplies will deliver a sustained increase in efficiency and performance, elongating the service life of water systems with minimum maintenance.

Complete Pump Supplies specialise in helping our customers to choose the very best water booster set that are most suited to the requirements of their intended application. Our collection is therefore designed to be completely comprehensive, including both fixed and variable-speed pumps that can be arranged in an infinite array of configurations. In the diverse scope of our work, Complete Pump Supplies often find that the best solution involves using pumps capable of variable speeds.

As with our entire range of pump supplies, we have chosen to work only with the most respected companies in the field and our water booster sets are manufactured by such big names as DAB, Calpeda, Grundfos, Lowara and Smedegaard. This means that you can relax safe in the knowledge that your chosen set is the result of careful, intense studies, testing and optimisation processes to deliver the perfect product.

Don’t let low water pressure get you down – choose from the vast collection of water booster sets quickly available from Complete Pump Supplies to big up the bath and make your shower super! And don't forget to keep your eye out for special offers

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