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Our Work: Rowan Water Lodge Park

Recently here at Complete Pump Supplies we got the opportunity to supply a booster set and a tank to the Rowan Water lodge park.

Rowan Water is a newly-opened lodge park in Lancashire.  They offer a variety of holiday lodges both full residential and holiday status homes.

Here at Complete Pump Supplies we offer a wide variety of different booster sets. They are designed to the highest standard in a most efficient way to provide the best possible results.

Water pumps are machines designed to increase water pressure. They are typically used in commercial buildings such as offices but because we provide sets of different sizes, they are perfect for homes.

Our Home Booster Sets are designed specifically for home use, making them ideal for residential properties.

If you are in need of a booster set or any other pump equipment contact us by email or phone 0808 168 6767 and we will be happy to help.

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