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Pressurisation Units — The Biggest Manufacturers

Both chilled and heating sealed systems require pressurisation units to function optimally and, if you are looking for the widest choice, then Complete Pump Supplies is the best place to be. We can quickly and reliably supply pressurisation units from the leading manufacturers and our expert team are able to guide you to the very best model for your unique circumstances. So, who are the prestigious manufacturers that CPS have chosen to work with?

First, let's get it straight exactly what a pressurisation unit is. Any sealed water system, whether used for heating, cooling or both, needs to be pressurised to work properly and that is the job of these crucial units. They almost always eliminate the need for any cold water storage systems in the roof or elsewhere, saving time, space and money, and can be used in a diverse array of applications in place of a header tank. Any water that is lost through leakage is replaced by the unit and also maintains the fill pressure of the system design.

Any air that is absorbed into water can encourage corrosion of boilers pipework and heat exchangers - sealed systems severely limit air intake to prevent this and also permit higher flow temperatures, larger temperature drops, lower rates of water circulation, pipework size reduction and smaller pumps - all of which save you a packet. Pressurisation units can be floor-standing or wall-mounted, with standard or digital controls. Most of the units can be immediately supplied by CPS from stock, along with the all of the attendant dosing pots, air/dirt separators and expansion vessels necessary to create a comprehensive sealed water system.

At CPS, you will find pressurisation units produced by leading names such as:

  • Calpeda

  • Lowara

  • DAB

  • Spirotech

  • Flamco

Getting the right size pressurisation unit is important and many people find they need help with sizing arrangements. If you require any kind of assistance with choosing the right model then our expert team can be contacted on 0808 168 6767 - we can reliably provide a full sizing service or any other support you may need so why not give us a call? You can also contact us by email.

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